Enviroscent is a new type of fragrance company. In an industry littered with corrosive solvents, headache-inducing sensitizers, chemical propellants, and landfill-bound devices, we set out to be different. We're not in the business of making "less-bad" aerosols, plug-ins, or candles. Our vision is to deliver the finest home fragrances in a new, low-footprint way. We believe the Enviroscent way is a better way. Our vision is based on four principles.

Better Products

We start out by selecting paper from sustainably managed forests. Paper is nature's most abundant and honest fragrance canvas. It's not only biodegradable but it's compostable. We form this paper into sticks and other shapes that are convenient and elegantly versatile for multiple uses in your home. Our products are made from paper, pulp and starch for a product lifecycle that starts and ends with nature. As a result, we're not in the business of making products that end up in the landfill.

Better Fragrances

We infuse our paper with our patented technology that locks in and then diffuses our fragrances evenly over time. This technology allows us to use only the purest fragrance oils in concentrated form, free of solvents and other unnecessary chemicals. As a result, we are able to unleash the vivid imagination of perfumers and unlock the profound potential of fragrance in a more pure and authentic manner. In our selection of beautiful fragrances, we are exacting with our suppliers. We have a long list of dirty ingredients we don’t tolerate – including phthalates, solvents, respiratory sensitizers, animal-derived products, or PBTs (persistent, bio-accumulative toxins). We don’t stop at maintaining a dirty ingredient list: we trust, but then we verify. We have invited the world’s leading independent technical experts in sustainable design to conduct material safety assessments of every single ingredient we use. No other company in the world holds itself to a higher standard in delivering quality fragrance.

Better Packaging & Supply Chain

Our commitment goes beyond our products and fragrances – we are constantly striving to improve the packaging that wraps our products, and the supply chain delivering to you and our retail partners. Our products are inspired by Cradle to Cradle principles – from sustainably managed forests then composted back into nature once used. Wherever possible, we select packaging components that are renewable, compostable, recyclable and designed to minimize waste.

Bettering Ourselves

We are conscious of many areas of imperfection and opportunity - including developing packaging made from recycled plastic rather than virgin plastic. We are also working with leading scientists to improve the environmental profile of our packaging barrier technology that seals in the freshness of our fragrances. We believe in transparency, in full-disclosure, and humility that we are only part-way along a journey towards sustainability in delivering fragrance. We are proud of our breakthroughs from the past, but are seeking to improve everything we do.